How do I automatically carry over timesheet variance from one month to another?

SMB can automatically create an adjustment record for the start of each calendar month to reflect a timesheet variance balance carried over from the previous calendar month. For example, if an employee has recorded 8 hours more than their scheduled working time in January, then the system can add an 8 hour adjustment record for the 1st of February so that reports for February show the carried-over balance as a starting point.

To setup automatic carry over, go to Administration > Timesheet Variance/Exclusion Settings and use the settings in the “Timesheet Monthly Carry Over Limit” panel.

The “Enable” checkbox turns on the automatic carry over for you (which will be run on the 1st day of the next month). Beneath that, you can enter limits for the maximum number of hours positive and negative that can be carried forward. For example, if you only allow employees to carry forward 8 hours and not carry forward a negative balance, then enter 8 in the “Maximum Positive Variance” box and zero in the “Maximum Negative Variance” box.

Finally, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the form to save the settings.

If you would like to retrospectively run the carry over calculation for a previous month, you can do this by going to Administration > Maintenance: Run Timesheet Carry Over and select the month you wish to run the carry over for.

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