How do I add a timesheet adjustment to an employee’s record?

To add an adjustment to an employee’s record, navigate to their record from the Employees option on the main menu, then select “Working Hours” from the large employee menu at the top of the employee dashboard. When the Working Hours page is shown, click on the “Timesheets” link at the top of the page to access the timesheets module, then click on the “Timesheet Adjustments” link at the top of the next page.

This page will list all timesheet adjustments currently recorded against the employee, both manual and automatic. To add a new adjustment, click on the “Add Timesheet Adjustment” link at the top of the page and, on the form shown, enter the date of the adjustment, the amount in minutes and a note to explain the reason for the adjustment. If you wish to increase the employee’s balance, enter a positive value or enter a negative value to deduct time from their balance.

Finally, click the “Add Adjustment” button at the bottom of the page to add the adjustment record.

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