How do I add a new checklist?

To create a new checklist, go to the Administration section and select "Checklists" from the admin menu page. Then, when the list of checklists is shown, click on the "Add a Checklist" link and enter the name for the new checklist and submit the dialog box.

When the page refreshes, the new checklist will be shown on the list of checklists. Click on the "Checks" box to start adding checks to the list.

To add a check, click on the "Add A Check" link at the top of the page and complete the following information in the dialog box shown:

  • Title: Enter a title for the check
  • Description: Optionally enter a description of the activity to be performed
  • Alert: Check this box if you would like to raise a reminder alert when the check is due for completion
  • Alert Delay: Enter the number of days from the start of the checklist when this check needs to be completed. For example, 14 would state that the user has two weeks to complete the task from the point the checklist starts
  • Employee Task: Check this box if this is a task for the employee to complete, such as updating their personal details
  • Employee Task Type: Select the type of task, if this is for employees. This option simply allows the system to direct the employee directly to a specific part of the system if needed for the task

When you have finished adding checks to the checklist, you are now ready to assign the checklist to employees, either as their record is added or at any part of their lifecycle within SMB.


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