What are competency frameworks?

Competency frameworks are a mechanism within performance management whereby a client can describe a range of skills or competencies that are required to perform a specific role or function within the organisation.

Each framework is comprised of a number of reusable sections to cover different aspects of the skills required, with each in-turn containing a number of skills or competencies. Each competency can then be graded based on an employee’s experience, knowledge or performance of the skill or competency and provide a valuable baseline from which to plan specific and targeted development plans for employees.

SMB allows for an unlimited number of frameworks to be defined, and for sections and/or competencies to be reused across multiple frameworks. In this way, creating several similar frameworks – perhaps for tiered roles within the same business function – is easy, and allows clients to generate reports across individual competencies regardless of the roles of the employees to which those competencies have been assigned. For example, a Junior Sales Agent, Sales Agent and Senior Sales Agent might all have the competency of “Telephone skills” assigned to them as part of their framework. As such, in reporting you can view a report to see all employees who have a Telephone Skills rating of 3 or better, regardless of their role.

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