How do I remove an applicant from a vacancy?

If you wish to remove an applicant from a vacancy, but do not wish to delete the applicant record entirely, you can do this by going to Recruitment on the main menu, then clicking on the “Manage Applicants” link at the top of the page.

When the list of applicants is shown, either search for the applicant or click the “View” button alongside the applicant to view the applicant dashboard. The dashboard shows which vacancies they are currently connected to.

Clicking on the “Vacancies” button in the applicant menu also shows the vacancies they are attached to. To remove them from a vacancy, just click on the “Remove” button alongside the vacancy you wish to remove them from.

NOTE: Removing them from a vacancy will leave any documents, qualifications or competencies stored against the applicant intact, but will remove any reference or other vacancy specific information from the applicant.

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