How do I setup a new holiday period for employees?

In order for you to correctly setup holiday allocations and record employee absences for a new period, you’ll need to setup your system with a holiday period that covers the dates required. This is a quick and simple process that should only take a minute, but will ensure that your allocations are all in place ready to go after the break.

 Here's what you need to do:


Step 1: Setup the bank holidays for the new year

If you haven’t already added them, you’ll need to ensure the bank holidays are in place for the new year, so employee’s allocations  are set correctly. To do this, go to Administration > Public Holidays , and click on the “ Holidays ” button for any schedule you have setup. Then use the “ Bulk Add Standard Holidays ” link at the top of the page to add the correct bank holiday dates for your territory to the system.

NOTE: If you have assigned default territories to your public holiday schedules, you can skip this stage as the system will automatically import and setup the bank holidays for each schedule to cover the dates of the new holiday period.


Step 2: Setup the holiday period for the new year

Now that your bank holidays are in place, you’ll need to create the new holiday period , which will setup the employee’s absence allocations. To do this, go to Administration > Holiday Periods , click on the “ View Periods ” button for any schedule you have setup, then click on the “ Add A New Holiday Period ” link at the top of the page to add the new period.


Step 3. That’s it!

Nothing more to do – you’re all set for another 12 months!



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