SMB News - May 2023

As we head into the summer (and doesn't it feel like it's been a long time coming!) and move towards the end of a bumper run of bank holidays in the UK, it's time for the latest round of SMB updates as we constantly strive to deliver greater performance and functionality to you all. Here's what's gone live in the last few weeks:


Approver Explanations

Approval permissions can be complex, particularly for our larger clients. While we have always displayed a list on the employee dashboard detailing which users have rights to approve different types of request, it sometimes  isn't immediately clear why a given approver has rights for a specific employee. To help, we have now added pop-up explainers to each listed approver - simply click on the question mark alongside the user´s name to see exactly why they are listed (and click the question mark again to close the box).


Enhanced Access Permissions

We've increased the flexibility of permissions by adding a new optional feature - enhanced access - that allows you to limit access to a given employee's module for a specific administrator. For example, if an admin user has access to employee disciplinary records and manages a team of 10 employees, you can now specify that for one or two specific employees they should not be able to access those records, but still work with the rest of the employee record as normal. To understand more, you'll find an article in this KB by searching for "Enhanced Access"


Visibility of Working Days on Company Calendar

There's little doubt that the Company Calendar is one of the most commonly used functions in SMB, so we have enhanced it with the option to show working/non-working days for employees in the background of the cells in the calendar. To turn this on, all you need to do is change the "Show Working  Days" option in Administration > Calendar Publishing Settings.


Filtered Company Directory

As a minor change to the system, clients can now limit the employees shown on the company directory to only those employees who are in the same teams, location or department as the user accessing the directory. This setting can be changed in Administration > Company Directory Settings.


Access/Permission Controls have moved

Lastly, some users felt that access controls and permissions were hidden away in the system, being part of the Edit Employee page, so we have moved them out to their own area in the system. You can now manage login access and permission controls from the employee dashboard, in the "Access Details" panel.


Let us know what you think of these new functions and, as always, thanks again for your fantastic feedback!

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