Enhanced Access Permissions

What is Enhanced Access?

SMB’s permissions module is a highly flexible way of defining tailored access to employee information, allowing clients to select which parts of the employee record they want to give individual administrators access to and, through the use of locations, departments and virtual teams, which employees that administrator is able to manage and work with.

However, there may be times were even greater granularity is required, for example where two team leaders are responsible for managing a large team of employees but it isn’t desirable to give exactly the same access to all employees in the team, such as restricting access to the other team leader’s “Pay/Benefits” module but allowing access to all other members of the team. This is where Enhanced Access comes into play.

Once activated, clients can set permissions for administrators as usual but for those scenarios where access needs to be more tightly defined, they can then select on a per-employee basis which functions are accessible.


Enabling and disabling Enhanced Access

To enable the Enhanced Access module, first go to the “Administration” section from the main menu, then click on the “Enhanced Access Permissions” link in the “Employee Information” panel. On the page shown, use the dropdown option to select whether to enable or disable the function and click on the “Save Settings” button.

Once activated, no changes are made to any employee records. Everything will function exactly as before until an admin user applies Enhanced Access controls to a given admin user.

If the function is deactivated, then any settings made under Enhanced Access will be ignored by SMB.


Restricting/Allowing Access Per Employee

Once Enhanced Access has been activated, there are two different ways to apply restricted access to a given employee for a specific administrator. These can either be set at the administrator level, where you can specify which access should be granted to employee records under the scope of the administrator’s permissions. Alternatively, you can set these options at the employee level, by setting which administrators can access the various employee functions for the selected employee.


Option 1: Setting access for an administrator to multiple employees

Once the permissions have been set for an administrator user, you can then limit access to selected employee functions from within the user’s record. To do this, navigate to the administrator from the “Employees” option on the main menu. Once on the dashboard, click on the “Manage Employee Access List” button in the “Access Details” panel.

You will then be taken to a page that lists all the employees that the administrator has rights to access, with a column of checkboxes for each functional area they have rights to manage. The areas they are able to access are shown in green, with a red background for any areas they are currently restricted from accessing.

To limit access to an employee function, simply uncheck the checkbox for that employee and function. Once you have completed limiting access, click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. To clear all restrictions for the administrator, click on the “Clear Modifications” button and then click “Reset” in the confirmation dialog box that appears.


Option 2: Setting access for all administrators to a single employee

The other method for limiting access is to set access to a specific employee for all administrators who have management rights over the employee. To do this, navigate to the employee you wish to restrict access to from the “Employees” option on the main menu. Once on the dashboard, click on the “Manage Access List” button in the “Request Approvers” panel.

You will then be taken to a page listing all administrators who are able to access the employee record for this employee, with a column for each functional area that the admin users are able to access. For each administrator, a checkbox is shown for the functional areas that the individual administrator has access rights for. If an admin user does not have access to a given employee module as part of their permissions, then no checkbox is shown for that admin user/functional area.

Note: This page does not grant access to functional areas outside of the scope of the administrator’s permissions. It can only be used to limit access to the functions defined in the admin users current permissions.

To restrict access to the functional area for the selected employee, simply uncheck the checkbox for the admin user/function. Once you have completed making your changes, click on the “Save Changes” button to store the restrictions.

Once saved, if the administrator attempts to access a part of the employee record which has been restricted, they will be returned to the dashboard of the employee they are viewing with a warning to let them know that access is restricted.


Important Note: Reporting

Enhanced Access Permissions only control access to employee records and do not currently impact reporting. If a user has access to run reports on a given functional area, they will still be able to extract report information on a given employee even if they are restricted from access the data directly.

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